Shelter Me: Mid-Atlantic Jack Rescue

POTTSTOWN, Pa. (WPVI) -- It's a family affair for this week's Shelter Me winner, and it started with two adoptions from the Mid-Atlantic Jack Rescue.

Lisa Palumbo adopted Nippy and Lance from MAJR.

"He knows them from the day he was born," said Lisa.

The Palumbo family has grown quite a bit over the last three years.

Their son C.J. was born in 2015, sandwiched between the adoptions of Nippy and Lance.

"This is a family. They are brothers," said Lisa.

Nippy was adopted in February 2014.

Lisa says, "He is hyper."

Lance was adopted in June of 1015.

"He is more laid back," said Lisa.

And they both have adopted C.J. as their buddy.

"Sometimes they'll even cuddle up and sleep with him," added Lisa.

Both Nippy and Lance were adopted from the Mid Atlantic Jack Rescue.

Pam Heyman is the President of Mid-Atlantic Jack Rescue.

She says, "They are like a big dog in small body."

Education is part of the reason the foster-based rescue was founded in 2012.

"To make sure that the people who are adopting them are knowledgeable about the breed," adds Pam.

The other part is making forever connections like the Palumbo's.

"It makes it worth it even when the days are challenging for us," said Pam.

Right now MAJR is trying to find a home for a little angel.

Yas is short for Yasmine. She is recovering from knee surgery, but her calm demeanor and puppy face make the 1-year-old a perfect family pet.

Pam adds, "Having a sweet personality on top of all that, is just a win win situation for any Jack."

Ada is about 6-years-old.

"She came from a puppy mill out in Lancaster," said Pam.

She's a little shy at first, but has been socialized by her foster family and ready for a forever home.

Princeton and Peewee are a bonded pair.

"They really have lived their entire lives together," said Pam.

Don't mind their spotty hair, they are Jack Russell Chinese crested mix surrendered to the rescue.

Pam says, "They just happen to have patchy fur because Chinese crested are bald."

And finally there is Lucy. She is an 11-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. She was surrendered by her owner. She loves kids and people, but not cats so much.

She would love a home with a big backyard to run around in.

If you're interested in Lucy or any of the animals you've met today, you can visit the Mid-Atlantic Jack Rescue.

And, if you'd like us to share your shelter success stories, post a picture to the FYI Philly Facebook page using #6abc Shelter Me and tell us where you adopted your pet and how much they mean to you.

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