Shelter Me: The Center for Animal Health and Welfare

EASTON, Pa. (WPVI) -- Cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs - The Center for Animal Health and Welfare in Easton, Pennsylvania rescues and rehomes all animals in need, and thanks to an energetic volunteer staff they are able to house more than 300 animals on site.

Cathy Ford is the manager of the center. She tells us, "We need volunteers to walk the dogs. These animals need human interaction, they need that touch."

The free roaming cat rooms and one-on-one visits with dogs help visitors find that forever connection.

Cathy tells us, "Obviously it's an emotional experience. A cat or a kitten may just reach out to them ... they fall in love."

We'll start with three friendly felines in need of a loving home.

Creamsicle's been looking for a home since 2011.

"He's about 8-years-old. He's a very friendly cat. Loves people," an employee explained.

Susha has a special diet but otherwise is perfectly fit for a new family.

And Fern Goley had an eye removed, but you'll see plenty of affection from this little guy.

"Just likes to hang out, sit on your lap, He's a good companion," the employee explains.

On to the dogs, Rogue is a 10-year old Shepard who would do best as an only dog.

Another center employee tells us, "She's very eager to please and just be with her people, be affectionate."

Zola is about 4-years-old.

"She's young and active. She's a little shy but she does eventually warm up," the employee said.

And Nautilus is a 6-year old American Staffordshire mix. His ears were cropped before he came to the shelter but he hears just fine. He's been living in a kennel going on 3 years now, so we'd really like to find him a home.

If you're interested in Nautilus or any of the pets mentioned you can go to The Center for Animal Health and Welfare website.

You can also vote for your favorite shelter or add a rescue group to our list by going to the Shelter Me section of the Action News' Facebook page. We'll feature the top vote getter next Saturday morning on Action News.
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