Stray kitten gets "pawsitively purrfect" newborn princess photo shoot

A family in Missouri celebrated the newest addition to their family in the "purrfect" way - with a newborn princess photo shoot. Cassie Borcherding, her husband and her four kids found the kitten in their garage right before Memorial Day.

"As soon as my daughter Emma, who is 4, got wind of there being a kitten in the garage, she was there day and night. She is feline-obsessed!," Cassie Borcherding, of Mexico, Missouri, told ABC News. "I attempted to find the original owner via Facebook sales pages, but had no luck. My daughter really wanted to keep her and of course it's impossible to say no to my 4-year-old. She named the kitten, Elsa after her favorite Disney princess."

Borcherding is a professional photographer, and said her daughter begged her to do a newborn photo shoot.

"We often do photos of her dolls so the request wasn't as outlandish as it seems," she said of her daughter's wish.

Borcherding said it wasn't hard to swaddle the kitten.

"She didn't protest much and once I got her snug she was content and purred the entire time. We did three wraps. The last wrap being an Elsa-inspired look," said Borcherding.

The entire photo shoot took about 30 minutes and she even did a photo of Elsa, who was of course named after the Frozen character, as the ice queen herself.

The result was pure purr-fection.

The photos have since got a ton of attention on Facebook, and have been shared more than 5,000 times. However, the attention is bittersweet since Princess Elsa has fled her kingdom. Borcherding said the kitten disappeared last Sunday.

"Our home was her home," said Borcherding. "My husband and I and our 4-year-old Emma have spent every day posting on Facebook, hanging flyers and walking the neighborhood calling for her. We have not found her yet, but we are still looking."

The Borcherdings are trying to remain optimistic that she'll return so they can all live happily ever after.