Zoo workers save ostrich who had fallen into frozen pond

Staff at the Pittsburgh Zoo came to the rescue when an ostrich became trapped in a frozen pond. (Alex Beech/YouTube)

An ostrich at the Pittsburgh Zoo is lucky to be alive when it was rescued by zoo employees after falling through a frozen pond.

Alex Beech uploaded video of the dramatic rescue to YouTube on Jan. 3, where the clearly panicked ostrich can be seen trying to navigate its way through the cold waters.

"I was at the zoo today and I noticed a large crowd of people," Beech wrote on YouTube. "I went over and found an ostrich that had fallen through the ice! Luckily some employees were able to get it out."

Zoo staff tried to clear a path for the bird using metal rods but to no avail. Zoo employee Jesse Anna then jumped in the pond and was able to guide the ostrich to safety as a crowd watching from nearby cheered.

According to KDKA, zookeepers then dried off the ostrich off and made sure it was kept warm. The bird was not hurt during the ordeal.

The ostrich is the largest and heaviest bird in the world, according to the Pittsburgh Zoo website. While unable to fly, the bird has the ability to run as fast as 45 mph.
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