Disney Toy Delivery at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

On Wednesday, there were lots of smiles at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Kameron was diagnosed with Brain Cancer in April and he has probably only had 10 days out of the hospital, "So imagine, it gets pretty boring. All the actives they do and stuff like this, it makes him happy and keeps him sane honestly," said Mom, Jaymee Salomon.

For a brief moment, the hospital turned into a magical place for these small patients and their families.

"This is going to be a memory they are going to remember forever," said Matt Piontkowski with CHOP

"It is so fun and Mickey Mouse is here," said patient, Paige Cinocotti

6ABC and our Parent company, Disney, held a Disney Toy Delivery event.

The goal is to get kids out of their hospital rooms and give them a chance to forget about their illnesses and focus on shiny new toys and best of all, they get to meet Mickey.

"I told him I love him and he gave me a kiss," said Cincotti.

The smiles on the kids' faces tell the story. For parents, this act of kindness means the world.

"Today is really special because some of the days are really hard and some of the nights are difficult, so it is nice to get out of the room and come downstairs and have something like this to look forward to," said Mom, Misty Cincotti.

"We are actually here for 30 days, so this kind of makes like not so much like a hospital experience. It brings joy to your heart and for the kids and parents. You don't feel like you are just sitting in the hospital," said mom, Jatae Winkey.

6ABC, President and General Manager, Bernie Prazenica says the station is not only committed to delivering the news but participating in community events like this one, that give back and make a difference.

"Everything is about the kids. Adding a little bit of relief to their day and you're right, the smiles are amazing. They see the toys, they see Mickey and it means I think a lot to everybody, said Prazenica.

This Disney Toy Delivery event definitely accomplished its mission of inspiring and also creating those contagious smiles. Now, this program is off to its next location to spread a bit of Disney magic.
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