Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz answers 7-year-old fan's questions on Twitter

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia Eagles quarterback has to make tough choices every week on the field.

Should he pass the ball? Should he hand it off? Or should he just run for it?

On Monday, Wentz was faced with five more difficult decisions -not by a game on the field, but by a 7-year-old fan named Jude on Twitter.

Jude's grandmother tweeted Wentz a photo of a letter her grandson wrote.

The letter starts, "Dear Carson, Hi my name is Jude. I'm 7 years old. I have always been an Eagles fan forever."

Twitter/ Dawne Guma

In his letter, Jude tells Carson that he was born in Philadelphia, but moved to Maryland.

Jude says most of his friends are fans of the Washington Redskins or Baltimore Ravens.

"I get booed a lot!" Jude writes. "I don't care. My dad always says, 'don't worry about what other people say.' I am an Eagles fan no matter what, especially since you are there!"

The boy tells Carson he's his favorite and even has his rookie card!

7-year-old Jude is a huge fan of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz.

He ends his letter by saying he hopes to one day go to an Eagles game and maybe meet his favorite player.

But that's not all.

Jude then plays the role of sports reporter and asks Carson a few questions that every 7-year-old fan would want to know.

Twitter / Dawne Guma

And Carson obliged, tweeting "Love it!" and then answering all of Jude's questions:

1. What is your favorite color? Carson's answer: Red

2. Who is your favorite football player? Carson's answer: Brett Favre
3. Do you like Philly cheesesteaks? Carson's answer: Of course I do!
4. What is your favorite animal? Carson's answer: Dogs!
5. What is your favorite food? Carson's answer: Steak

The Eagles QB ended his reply with, "Appreciate the support buddy! God bless!"

Jude's grandmother replied back to Carson saying, "Thank you again for your reply. You really did make Jude's day! I have never been prouder to be an Eagles fan."
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