What the Philadelphia Eagles are looking for in their next head coach

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- When the Eagles hired Doug Pederson five years ago, they only conducted 5 interviews over 17 days...

This time? At least 10 candidates in the first nine days of the search; that's called efficiency.

You have to wonder what they're actually looking for.

When Jeffrey Lurie fired Chip Kelly, he made a big deal about finding a coach with emotional intelligence.

He had that in Pederson; the players LOVED him.

But maybe he's thinking he swayed too much that way?

Lurie said the most important qualities for him this time is leadership - a leader of coaches - a leader of players.

Which makes it sound to me that he wants someone who takes a bit more of a stand.

What makes that interesting is that from the sound of it, Pederson became fed up with being told what to do.

Will Lurie and Howie Roseman be able to relinquish control to whomever it is they decide to hire?

Also interesting is the fact that they've interviewed a lot of defensive candidates - they haven't gone that way in a VERY long time.. maybe again pointing to the fact that this time they are looking for more of a CEO type - in the John Harbuah and Mike Tomlin style.

That said, I still see them hiring an offensive guy... someone who they think can start fresh with Carson Wentz.

Someone who has a bit more of an edge than Pederson but less of an edge than Chip Kelly.
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