'Philly Special': Montgomery County barber gives fans Eagles haircuts

PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Sal's Barbershop, in Plymouth Meeting, is a place known for its clean cuts, customer service and sports fandom.

"I just use it like it would be a pen. I use the trimmer like I would be a pen," explained San Giannone, the owner of the shop.

Customers come from miles and wait for hours to get special designs shaved into their head.

Giannone has done anything from the Eagles logo to the "Philly Special", and with the hype around the playoffs, he's getting a lot of business.

"Through the tough times, through the winless season, or whatever, I'm always going to be an Eagles fan," said Giannone.

He says this season in particular feels personal because he relates to the team. At one time, he was an underdog too.

"I just got mixed up with the wrong crowd, got into drinking and drugs...I came home defeated and before you know it, I was homeless," he explained. "There were a lot of people when I came home from college that said you're a waste of potential, you blew your chance."

Then, in 2006, his life changed.

"I promised myself I was better than this and I could be better than this. That's when I asked my grandfather to teach me how to be a barber. I have 13 years sobriety," he said.

Now, his customers sit in his grandfather's chair. It is a testament to the man who never gave up on him.

"He never abandoned me. He was disappointed in me, like I get disappointed when the Eagles lose, but he never quit on me," Giannone said.

That's why he's confident his favorite underdogs will keep winning too.

"All the way to the Super Bowl," he said.
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