Was DeVonta Smith the right pick for Philadelphia Eagles? Jaws weighs in

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Well, the NFL Draft has come and gone and all the experts have weighed in.

For the most part, the Eagles graded out well. They took a curious path trading down, then trading back up. But they did so because they had to get the guy they were targeting, and no one else.

Devonta Smith -- the Heisman Trophy winner-- dominated in college, but that doesn't always translate to the NFL. We've seen busts, and the knock on him is his small stature.

"Every scout I've spoken to, every front office person I spoke to, had rave reviews for DeVonta Smith. Not as a talent, but the person. The character of the person, the willingness to sacrifice for his teammates, and those things go a long way. And the Eagles were well aware. They did their background checks, they did their work, and they got the right player. I think they got a dynamic player that's gonna make a huge impact early on this Eagles offense," said Ron Jaworski.

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The Eagles appear to be "all in" on QB Jalen Hurts by drafting Smith, one of his receivers from Alabama in the 1st round, and then Landon Dickerson, his center from Alabama in the 2nd round.

Dickerson is a guy with a ton of injury history, but obviously, someone Hurts is comfortable with.

And think about it, at their original position at No.6 overall, they could've selected a great quarterback: Justin Fields, Mac Jones. I mean, they could've even done that at No.12. So it was clear from the beginning that they're committed to Hurts in a big way.

I actually like the Landon Dickerson pick. I think they need Jason Kelce's replacement, and he's it.

A guy who's similar to Kelce can be a leader with a big personality.

I do kind of wish they went cornerback there. The secondary has been so bad for so long and they didn't draft a corner until the 4th round.

We'll have to wait and see how that decision pans out.

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