Eagles ready to take on Cowboys, but this time at home

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- "Embarrassing!" That's the word Carson Wentz, Doug Pederson, Zach Ertz and many more commonly used to describe the way they felt the last time they played the Cowboys in Dallas back in October.

The Eagles lost by 27 points, their worst loss to their rivals in 21 years thanks to four turnovers including two turnovers on their first two drives, which prompted Wentz to suggest the Eagles did not even show up.

If the Eagles don't show up on Sunday, the season is over.

As Wentz put it during a Wednesday press conference, turning on the tape of that game this week as they prepare for a must-win against the Cowboys will motivate guys to be better this with the season on the line.

If the Eagles lose they're officially eliminated from the playoffs.

As a reminder of the significance of this NFC East showdown veteran Brandon Graham gave a longer than normal speech firing up Eagles before their first practice today, even though truly little needs to be said.

"We're right where we want to be, we have a chance to play for the NFC East," says Eagles coach Doug Pederson.

"It's pretty clear. It just happens to be that this is the Cowboys game, but you look at our schedule and where we are, whoever we were going to play this week, it's a must-win situation for us to continue our season," Pederson said when asked if any extra motivation is needed. "I think that any time you play your division, these are great games. Our last two have been great games, tough games, hard-fought games and this is no different. This is going to be one of those games."

For the Eagles to win they have to cut down on the mistakes and especially the turnovers. Nobody has more fumbles than the Eagles this season, tied with the Giants for the most in the NFL.

Wentz has had his hand in the majority of fumbles and at an alarming rate. Wentz says he's frustrated and will be better regarding his 46 fumbles in 54 career games including 11 fumbles in the last five games, five of which have been lost.

Protecting the football needs to be their number one priority if they've learned anything from the last time they played the Cowboys.

"We have to protect the football. We didn't do that as an offense and when you're down 14-0 to a good football team, it's hard to overcome. It kind of gets you out of your rhythm and what you're trying to do as your game plan unfolds.

You just have to continue to work. This week is important from just our detail, our preparation. We can't focus on Sunday. We have to just focus on Wednesday and get ready today to have a good practice. Learn from it, watch the tape, learn from it and make the corrections. But any game, turnovers, and penalties are going to cost you," Pederson said.

Eagles can not afford to drop the ball as they face elimination.

Wentz says he's excited to be home where Eagles fans will be loud to face the Cowboys.

The atmosphere will be rocking with the season on the line against their hated rival.

"Everyone knows how we feel about Dallas. That taste in my mouth has always been sour. Never really liked them," said injured Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

The sour taste will be gone if the Eagles win out and clinch a playoff trip.
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