To play or not to play? That is the question for Carson

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- It's another week of Eagles preseason football and yet another week of wondering, will we see Carson Wentz play?
Well if you're looking for answers, head coach Doug Pederson was not the guy to ask.

"Not there yet. Obviously we're focused on today and getting through today. Again, as you guys know, I usually wait until the last minute on those decisions and same is true this week."
As for Wentz, he stated that he feels ready for week one, regardless if he takes any snaps this preseason.
But how about the fact that he hasn't taken a hit since December 8 of last year?

Wentz says he's not concerned, "I'm really not worried about it to be honest. Every year coming in it's always going to be that first hit, whether it's three months off, six months off, ten months, twelve months, it really doesn't matter. That first hit wakes you up real fast and it's football mode again."
The Eagles open the regular season in just 18 days.
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