Eagles looking to make noise in Seattle

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
VIDEO: Eagles hope to make noise
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The Eagles hope to make noise in Seattle.

Thanks to their first 4th quarter comeback on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons, the Philadelphia Eagles will fly to Seattle with extra confidence.

And they'll need to end the bad road they've been going down.

Eagles have lost four straight away games

"I think when you are on the road you try to press just a little bit. You try to get that quick, early lead; try to take the crowd of out of the game. You maybe do some things that are uncharacteristic of what you do at home," Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said.

Winning on the road doesn't get any easier this week.

Nobody in the NFL has won more at home than the Seahawks over the last five seasons.

So what will it take to win out there?

"I don't know. I have never won there. But you've got to compete. You can't make mistakes," Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins said.

"You need to communicate a lot. You need to over communicate, you need to work on hand signals," Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz said.

Seattle is one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL, which could be an issue for the Eagels, one of the most penalized teams in football.

To help simulate the atmosphere, the Eagles are pumping in crowd noise in the sound system during practice.

"It's loud as hell. It's definitely a frustrating place to play, especially if you're not mentally ready to just persevere," Jenkins said.

Despite the odds, the Eagles still believe they can make some noise in the playoff race, and silencing Seattle will only help their cause.