Nerves mount as Philadelphians stay glued to election results

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Friday, November 6, 2020
Nerves mount as people stay glued to election results
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Nerves mount as people stay glued to election results

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- We're well into day three of coverage, and still no clear winner of the 2020 Presidential Election.

"It's very tight right now. So, I think that's why everyone is trying to stay really close watch but I'm just on edge," said Carina Tripoli of Philadelphia.

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She's not alone. A quick scroll through Twitter may leave you feeling confused. The Republican and Democratic presidential campaigns advocating for opposite actions.

President Trump tweeting: "STOP THE COUNT".

While former Vice President Joe Biden writes: "Be patient, folks. Votes are being counted, and we feel good about where we are."

"Whether you vote for Trump of vote for Biden, it's your choice. Let the people speak," said Sonya Sanders of South Philadelphia.

That's the message of activists gathered along Independence Mall: to count every vote.

"There are people in this country that I disagree very strongly with and they are members of this country, they are citizens, and they should have the right to vote and have their voices heard. I would hope that they would grant me the same courtesy and the same consideration," said Dyresha Harris of West Philadelphia.

Harris' drive to protect that right comes from a long family history of activism.

"My grandparents were chased out of the south with KKK members trying to kill them, holding my infant aunt in their arms, because my great grandfather was trying to register people to vote," said Harris.

The nerves can be felt across the board as ballots are still being tallied to declare a victor of the election.

Both sides are still hanging on to hope.

"Tell you the truth, I just want Trump to win," says Earnest Jarvis of Wilmington.

"I'm still hoping for Biden," said Beverly King of North Philadelphia.

With several states yet to declare a winner, the waiting continues.