'Snow Jawn' ready for winter at Philadelphia International Airport

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The "Snow Jawn" is ready for winter.

That's what the crews at Philadelphia International Airport call one of their pieces of heavy-duty snow removal equipment.

The airport recently purchased seven machines to add to its fleet.

PHL's 46-piece snow artillery includes 12 Multifunction Plow/Broom Units (MBs) that plow and sweep runways and taxiways at once with their 22-foot plows and 20-foot brooms.

"The MBs, which cost $860,000 each, help keep PHL from closing by reducing runway clearance time, providing more capacity for airline travel," the airport says.

There are also two Jet Brooms (JBs), which plow, broom and chemically treat runways and taxiways at the same time.

"These machines, with 28-foot plows, 20-foot brooms and storage tanks that can hold more than 2,000 gallons of liquid deicing fluid, promote safety-fewer snow removal vehicles are needed operating in adverse conditions. JBs cost $1.2 million each," according to the airport.

Officials say the job is high stress, so to have a little fun, the maintenance workers name the plows.

Here are all the names for PHL's "battle gear:"

MBs: Snow Angel, Ice Wookie, Multifarious, Snowmizer, Snow Slayer, Time Bandit, Arctic Fox, Snow Jawn, Nor'easter, Yeti and Storm Breaker

JBs: Terra Hawk and Silver Hawk

Chemical Trucks: Heatwave, Tropic Breeze and Heatmiz

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