Local artist with autism displays 'Autisarian' superpowers

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Kambel Smith says he has super powers.

His ability is to create cardboard pieces of art simply from memory.

Like most superhumans he's part of an elite group. His team is the "Autisarians."

You see Smith, 32, has autism. But it's because of that he has the power to create these works of art.

He adds the Autisarian's are always taking new members.

Smith said, "If you want to become one you will keep trying and don't give up."

On Wednesday Smith puts his powers on display in front of students with autism who take part in the High Road Program at the Ferguson School in North Philadelphia.

His father Lonnie explained to the class they too can be Autisarians. They just need to believe.

Lonnie Smith, said, "You can't tell an Autisarian where he or she is on the spectrum. An Autisarian tells you where they want be on the spectrum."

Smith also had advice for fellow parents.

He said, "Look inside and try to find that gift, listen. Look at those little things that might be going on."

In fact, Smith's second son is autistic too and together they created the Autisarian graphic novel about saving the world.

And Wednesday the students, like Nari Glenn, were truly inspired.

"I would like to be an Autisarian. When I grow up I'd like to be someone they look at and say how did they do this," Glenn said.
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