Residents in South Philadelphia fed up with delayed road repairs

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Some residents on the 600 block of Watkins Street told Action News they are fed up with the delayed restoration on their block.

"When people come over to my house, I always have to tell them, 'Don't judge me,'" said Brennan Reichlin.

The Philadelphia Water Department sent Action News this statement:

"The Philadelphia Water Department repaired 6-inch water main break this past spring on the 600 block of Watkins Street and referred this to the Streets Department to restore the street, per PWD protocol. While the street was open, other utilities checked on the condition of their infrastructure, which contributed to a delay in restoration. The Streets Department has advised that this street is being scheduled for restoration this fall."

Reichlin said the delayed repairs have brought stray animals to her street along with trash.

"It's dirty, it stinks," said Reichlin.

The Philadelphia Streets Department told Action News they plan to clean and resurface the street sometime this fall, as they have a backlog of similar issues they have to get to first.

Residents also showed Action News a letter from the water department dated in July which said the PWD will begin construction activities on blocks of Watkins Street to replace some sewers and water mains.

Action News reached out to PWD about the letter and they sent this statement:

"PWD is replacing the water and sewer mains on the blocks referenced in the letter that was sent to the neighbors. We have not gotten to the 600 block of Watkins Streets yet, so no additional PWD work was performed in July, 2019. As per PWD protocol, we did cover the hole in the street as a safety precaution."
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