PennDOT prepared to use full fleet of hundreds of trucks during nor'easter

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- PennDOT crews are working hard preparing roads and getting ready to take action during the forecasted snowstorm.

The roads were fairly dry Tuesday and the sun was out, but that will change Wednesday.

"I think I had everything that I might need in case we had storms," said motorist Elizabeth Grace.

Business owner Nick Finore said, "Hoping for not a lot of snow, but I'll be ready."

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During the severe weather, PennDOT crews will be working hard as they were with the storm a day away.

Officials said they're expecting to use most of the fleet of about 450 trucks to treat and clear everything from interstates to roads that aren't as busy.

"We always advise motorists to keep their distance from plows- six car lengths away from a plow - and if you see a plow train coming the opposite direction, move away from the center line," said PennDOT spokesman Brad Rudolph.

PennDOT is also asking you to not shovel snow onto state roads that have been plowed to help avoid crashes.

"The first storm is always the big one for people just to get acclimated to conditions. Remember to watch your speed," said Rudolph.

Local officials are urging residents to consider not driving Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

They said there is a chance it could be difficult or impossible to see at times.

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