Philadelphia police outline 'summer deployment' plan to combat crime

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Philadelphia Police Department has rolled out its "summer deployment" plan.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross addressed the issue of gun violence in a press conference Tuesday.

Murders in the city are up, with 131 this year to date. Nearly ninety percent of murders were carried out with a gun.

The first step is to get guns off the street.

"As of today's date we've made over 700 arrests from firearms violations. To put that in context, we are up 35 percent over this time last year," said Ross.
Next, more "boots on the ground."

Administrative officers will be out on the street protecting places such as public swimming pools and parks.

Officers on patrol will see longer shifts, "working extended tours of duty in excess of three hours beyond their tour during problematic hours," said Ross.

The police department is also taking a more holistic approach. Addressing the issue of poverty and joblessness to prevent violent crime.

"We've got to drop that moniker of toeing the poorest big city in the country," said Ross.

On Tuesday, the 3rd Police District held its Teen Job Fair. Hundreds of high schoolers shuffled into the district headquarters looking for economic opportunity.

L.J. Watkins attends Anthony Wayne Academy, and said, "If they have something to do over the summer they won't feel the need to have a gun, they'll be behind doors making clean money."

The Philadelphia Police Department is also reminding the public about its SAT prep, GED and job training programs.
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