Red panda cubs make Philadelphia Zoo debut, need names

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The red panda cubs have made their debut Wednesday at the Philadelphia Zoo, but they remain nameless.

The male and female cubs were born on June 26 to parents Basil and Spark.

"When you come to the Philadelphia Zoo this winter, we'll definitely have our red pandas out," Donna Evernham, Curator of Carnivores and Ungulates, said.

Evernham says red pandas are from the Himalayas - northern China and Tibet area - where it's really cold so that is why they have the fluffy red coat.

While some people think they are related to raccoons, Evernham says they are not. They are also not related to the giant panda bear.

They are in their own family.

Currently, the red panda cubs are not named and the zoo is looking for help.

Visitors are asked to go to the Philadelphia Zoo's Facebook page to give suggestions for the names.

Voting begins on Monday.