Officers respond to hundreds of teens disrupting traffic in Mayfair, 3 arrested

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Dozens of officers responded to emergency calls of roughly 500 teenagers blocking traffic and disrupting businesses in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia on Monday night.

Chopper 6 flew over the scene around 8:30 p.m., which showed a group of approximately 500 teens and at least a dozen police vehicles on Roosevelt Boulevard, near the Rolling Thunder Skating Center.

Officers had to shut down the intersection of Tyson Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard.

Police said the flash mob of teens at the rink was organized on social media and spiraled out of control.

"A lot of teens showed up out of nowhere and we tried to close down and they rushed our building," said skate center co-owner Michael Slaven.

Slaven said the teens disrupted birthday parties that were being held for two eight-year-olds.

Slaven also said all kids must be accompanied by a parent but there weren't any adults in sight during the incident.

The flash mob of teenagers was seen running in and out of traffic, not listening to police, which forced officers to shut down sections of the busy road where people are known to get hit.

"That was my first concern, was 12 lanes of traffic there," said Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum.

Three teens were arrested for disorderly conduct, officers said.

Police said a fourth boy was taken to the hospital after teens in the group punched him in the face and pepper-sprayed him.

Investigators said a girl was hit and killed several years ago while crossing the boulevard after leaving the skate center.

A crosswalk has since been out in near Tyson Avenue.
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