Chester County high school seniors honored in their neighborhood

PHOENIXVILLE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- While high school seniors weren't able to graduate from their high schools many communities have been finding creative ways to honor the class of 2020.

One neighborhood in Phoenixville, Chester County, held a parade for the 11 seniors who all live in the same neighborhood.

"It's a bummer, but everyone's been making the best of it, and this whole night was just so special," said Marlee Brown, a graduating senior, who added, "It was honestly better than any graduation that I could have asked for, it was so special having my brother drive me through."

Once it got dark the neighborhood gathered for a slide show, to see pictures that parents picked of their children growing up.

"I hope my parents picked some good looking ones of me, hopefully not embarrassing," said Matthew Rosenfeld, a graduating senior.

Lorraine Kelly was the neighborhood parent designated to put it all together.

"We've all been together for about 13, 14 years, so it's nice to see them from when they're all little to now graduating," said Lorraine Kelley.

The night meant a lot to parents of the graduating class.

"There s so many emotions that go along with this," said Lynn Tegler, the mother of graduating senior. "It is a little sad, and emotional, definitely different than what I planned for my son, my first son, graduating from high school, but we made the best of the situation."

One thing the seniors have in common is that they'll always find their way back home.

"It means a lot, I mean I grew up with these kids, so it feels good after 12 years of hard work, it pays off," said Ignacio Ortiz, a graduating senior.
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