1 in 10 daycares still using recalled sleepers

Dangerous and potentially deadly recalled products may still be in use at your child's daycare facility, according to a study.

Nearly 5.4-million infant sleepers were recalled three months ago after 36 babies died.

Yet we are now learning that 1 in 10 surveyed daycare centers are still using these deadly products.

As Action News first told you last month, Adam Garber made an alarming discovery at his son Elon's daycare.

"They were still using the Fisher-Price Rock n Plays, which were recalled back in April," says Garber.

Garber immediately alerted the daycare to the recall and it did remove the dangerous product immediately.

But the incident inspired Garber to do some further research.

You see he isn't just any dad - Garber is the consumer watchdog for the Public Interest Research Group, or PIRG.

"So we contacted hundreds of childcare facilities across the country to identify which ones were still using these recalled sleepers," Garber says.

Between June 20 and July 10, PIRG contacted more than 600 childcare facilities, and the results are disturbing.

"One in 10 childcare facilities are still using unsafe recalled sleepers for infants," said Garber.

This includes the products like the Rock 'n Play and the Kids II rocking sleeper.

Garber says most facilities didn't know the products had been recalled.

"It really confirmed for us what we already know: that the recall system leaves dangerous products in use all across the country," he notes. "And we need to do more to directly notify consumers so that they can take appropriate action and keep kids safe."

PIRG is calling on the Consumer Product Safety Commission as well as companies to better protect the public.

"In today's age, when we know more and more about what people are buying on a daily basis, we can use all that information for some good, by having companies directly notify parents and caretakers about these dangerous products," Garber observes.

Meantime, what can you do?

Any time you become aware of a recall, make sure your childcare provider is aware of it, too.

Get more details on PIRG's survey by clicking here.
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