Philly dad calls for ban on playdates

A Philadelphia dad makes a bold statement that's burning up the internet.

Stay-at-home dad Chris Bernholdt has a blog called 'Dad-N-Charge' and he is urging all parents to 'Banish the Playdate' because he says they are harming our kids.

Bernholdt claims that planned play ruins natural spontaneity and creativity.

He says parents are dumbing down their kids ability to be independent.

"When I was a kid, my mom didn't organize everything. She would often tell us to just go outside and play. If there was no one to play with we invented games," Bernholdt said.

He also says playdates inhibit kids' ability to make new friends.

Parenting experts, however, disagree.

They say playdates can help kids grow intellectually and socially.
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