2 men wanted for allegedly placing skimmer on a Northeast Philadelphia ATM

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Police say the two men caught on camera planting a skimming device at a Philadelphia Federal Credit Union Branch are likely professionals.

They were spotted on a security camera doing it at the ATM at Stanwood Street and Roosevelt Boulevard this past June 27.

Officials say the suspects used the information downloaded from the skimmer to steal thousands of dollars, if not more, this past weekend.

Lt. Jonathan Josey of the Major Crimes Unit said, "What they'll do is come and remove it and the camera, then load all the information into a computer."

He says once they've downloaded your info from the ATM it's very hard to stop them from accessing your account until you cancel your card.

He said, "It embeds all that information into a white blank plastic magnetic strip card and they have your PIN number."

Josey said one way you can prevent this from happening to you is to cover up the keypad when entering your pin.

The credit union says their security team performs routine sweeps for skimmers.

However, this one went undetected.

In a statement released Thursday, the credit union said:

"We have been able to confirm that the suspected fraudulent activity we reported on July 8 was, in fact, the result of criminal activity. PFCU's security team shared surveillance camera footage captured from the ATM machine in question with Philadelphia Police."

It's estimated the two suspects stole from more than 400 customers.

But the credit union says everyone impacted got a full refund.

Lt. Josey says one more thing you can do to is check where you put your card in on an ATM.

He says if there's something loose then something isn't right and you need to notify the management.
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