Some Philadelphia police officers leaving city for the suburbs

There is a test that prospective Bucks County police officers are required to take before they are hired by any one of the county's municipal departments. And Richard Vona, the director of law enforcement training in Bucks County, says he was stunned by the number of people showing an interest in taking that test this year.

"The highest numbers were 300 or 302 was the number, averages about 200 to 225, and this year we locked it out. We actually re-opened it, but locked it out at 450 applicants," he said.

Vona says he can not yet confirm how many of those applicants are current Philadelphia police officers, but said he knows of people who are looking to leave the department.

"I'm sure there are a lot of officers that are looking to leave the city. I know a lot of my contacts that work in Philadelphia are looking to get out if possible," he said.

Bensalem Police Commissioner Fred Harran said he's also seen an increase in applications.

"The last two weeks, 15 or 20 for sure applications that I've gotten. Just today we've gotten some resumes from people from Philadelphia. Officers that want to get out of the city and it's just a shame they can't get out of there fast enough," he said.

But Harran is quick to add that most of the officers seeking greener pastures are good cops who want to serve where they feel like their expertise is valued, and the Bensalem Police Department is hiring.

"Certainly folks that are experienced and want to have a good healthy career here in Bucks County we'll certainly consider," he said.
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