Police searching for burglars targeting Warminster neighborhood

WARMINSTER, Pa. (WPVI) -- Authorities in Bucks County are searching for burglars who strike during the day.

Drone 6 flew over the neighborhood in Warminster that's been the target of several break-ins recently.

"In the last five days we've had approximately about six burglaries, where there is no rhyme or scheme, other than the fact that they are smashing in back doors," says Warminster Township Police Chief James Donnelly.

Donnelly says his officers are alerting the community that criminals who are on the prowl. They are targeting homes during the day, typically when families are at work and school.

"They are taking anything and everything they can get their hands on. Anything they can resell," says Chief Donnelly.

Residents are aware of the crime alert and say they will be on the lookout for anything suspicious.

"I wouldn't expect it during the day. At night I come from work and I am always watching to see who is around, but I never see anybody around at night. But during the day, yeah, I am surprised to hear that during the day," says Warminster resident Herb Eichhorn.

"It just scares me because I have never had any problems. No problems whatsoever. This is the first I have ever heard it all the years I have been living here," said resident Annette Burns.

"I have security but it is terribly upsetting what's going on in this world. Every day you hear something else," says resident Arlene Mantz.
Police didn't reveal exactly what homes were targeted, which was unsettling for some residents. The chief says the crimes are sporadic and are happening across the township.

Investigators say the entire community should be on guard, not just one or two streets. Detectives are asking anyone with home surveillance systems to give them a call.

"Right now we are looking for that... if anybody has video. It is East Street Road, West Street Road, County Line Road. Anyone that thinks they may have caught someone, even if it is just suspicious and there is not a burglary in your neighborhood," says Chief Donnelly.

The chief says this is a call for neighbors to look out for neighbors.

Residents like Maria Woods, who has been living in Warminster for more than 40 years, say times have changed and now safety can never be an afterthought.

"When I came first, I use to leave my car and I never locked my car. I don't lock my house. Now, I go to the mail a letter and I lock my doors. Everybody has to be alert," says resident Maria Woods.

If you have any information call police at 215-672-1000.
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