Roxborough homeowner watches video of break-in during Jersey Shore vacation

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Andrea Albelda was on vacation at the Jersey shore when her phone alerted her to an intruder at her door - back home in Roxborough.

Surveillance showed a man desperate to get in, trying to enter Albelda's front door, then back door, and back to the front door early Sunday morning.

He even looked straight into the camera while trying to use the credit card trick to pick the lock, before breaking through a living room window.

Albelda and her family were down the shore when she got the alerts on her phone that her cameras had picked up an intruder at the door.

"The first couple of times I just thought he's in the wrong place," she said. "When it was relentless and he tried the back door, that's when I got the sinking feeling there's something wrong, this guy won't let up. The most jarring video is him walking out of the house at 8:05 in the morning like he belonged here."

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Intruder breaks into Roxborough home as reported during Action News at 11 on July 15, 2019.

But having left something behind at the scene of the crime, the intruder returned.

"As if that wasn't terrifying enough, an hour later he came back up the porch, back through the front door, got what we think is his watch and leaves again through the front door!" said Albelda.

She suspects the intruder was intoxicated.

Neighbors said they never heard any commotion during the break-in.

Police told Action News they're investigating this case along with six other burglaries in the last two weeks in the area.

Albelda said the suspect never took anything from her home; she believes he just needed four walls and a roof.

"Clearly Goldilocks was looking for his bed," she said. "I'm not trying to make light of the situation, but it's bizarre."
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