How political ads could impact Tuesday's Midterm Elections

ByNiki Hawkins WPVI logo
Monday, November 7, 2022
Watch Nov. 6 Inside Story | How political ads could impact midterms
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Political consultant Neil Oxman discusses how nearly $3 Billion spent on political ads could drive voter turnout, and impact results.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A few days from the midterm elections, host Tamala Edwards spoke with famed Pennsylvania Political Consultant Neil Oxman.

He is President and Co-founder of The Campaign Group and has helped create hundreds of political ads for a myriad of campaigns.

They discussed the effect of political advertising on today's election cycle as a recent report shows candidates and political action committees have spent close to $3 billion which translated to 4.3 million ads running on TV.

They discussed the 'messaging' coming out of both the Democratic and Republican parties and how that could impact voting.

The roundtable discussion dove further into the broader messaging coming from both parties and how that might motivate voters to the polls on Tuesday.

They talked about what hot-button issues (inflation, crime, abortion and the state of Democracy) they feel will impact various candidates and drive voter engagement.

The panel also gave their observations on the most highly contested local races, including the PA Senate and Gubernatorial races and some congressional races including the PA District 7 race with Lisa Scheller (R) challenging Susan Wild (D) and the New Jersey race with Bob Healey (R) challenging Andy Kim (D).

This week's panel: Nia Meeks, G. Terry Madonna, Alison Young and Dom Giordano.