Philadelphia and New Jersey voters react to presidential election

CENTER CITY (WPVI) -- Action News reporter Annie McCormick spoke to voters in Center City, Philadelphia the day after the election.

President Donald Trump is on the voting public's mind, and Hillary Clinton supporters are devastated.

Many of them expressed their thoughts.

Klorisa Coleman of Northeast Philadelphia said, "You had such high hopes for the country and America, and us as a people, just to know Trump took over, it's hurtful."

"We have to move forward. I'm disappointed in the women of this country. And, I have one very upset daughter. I just think we are going to be very divided," said Toni Gottlob of Voorhees, New Jersey.

Chris Garuccio of Salem, New Jersey said, "I think it's a disaster. I'm American, but I plan on moving to Spain real soon."

The Action Cam checked in with a mix of South Jersey and city voters on the street today.

Trump won Pennsylvania, a key battleground state, but not thanks to Philadelphia.

Of the approximately 700,000 votes cast in the city, 82% voted for Clinton, and just 15% voted for Trump.

Sean McCausland of the Northeast voted for Trump, but initially he had hesitations.

"Some things he said were honest. He has a vulgar mouth, but he speaks the truth," he said.

But Trump's victory speech last night, solidified his decision.

"If the words he said last night, if he keeps that true than he should be good," added McCausland.

Hillary Clinton told her supporters they should keep an open mind and give Donald Trump a chance to lead.
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