Big airport delays due to delegates, storms

The confluence of the Democratic National Convention letting out Thursday night, and strong storms moving through the region, created a backlog Friday at Philadelphia International Airport.

It's the end of a thrilling week for delegates leaving the DNC.

"It was amazing, it was great, it was inspiring. She did wonderful," said Lindsay Hanson, recalling Hillary Clinton's speech the night before.

She was able to catch a flight, but others weren't so lucky. Storms and heavy rain forced the cancellation of nearly 200 total incoming and outgoing flights, leaving passengers stranded and forced to spend the night.

"When I walked across the breezeway everyone was sleeping there. And people were misdirected or redirected from weather yesterday, mixed with DNC people trying to get out, hence the lines," said Angela Turner of Miami.

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Rachel Kennedy of Minneapolis made the long flight from Greece, and has been delayed here for more than 27 hours.

"I'm so exhausted. I'm hungry. I'm a crybaby because I haven't slept because I slept on a chair in a freezing airport with a hundred lights on. It has not been fun," she said.

30th Street Station also had long, winding lines, though passengers there weren't hit nearly as hard. Nathaniel White of Dallas, Texas, says there's a good chance he may not go home until Saturday.

"Right now I'm in line to find out. My flight originally was for yesterday to go back, then I had to reschedule," White said.

Still a sign of the significance of Thursday's events is when stranded passengers still manage to see the silver lining.

"It makes me less upset because I do care what's going on and I'm all for Hillary," Hanson said.
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