Bill Clinton stumps for wife in Montgomery County

BLUE BELL, Pa. (WPVI) -- The latest public poll in Pennsylvania shows Hillary Clinton up by six points.

The job of her husband, Bill Clinton, is to make sure those who say they are likely to vote to actually do it.

He was in Montgomery County Tuesday to make the case.

"I want you to vote for Hillary because she has the best economic plan. I want you to vote for her because she has a plan for an inclusive society," Clinton said.

Likely voters we met outside a Montgomery County supermarket say they have been worn out by this year's ugly campaign.

"It has gotten on my nerves, it seems so foolish," Dawn Thomas of Norristown said.

Several agreed they were so turned off they considered not voting for either Donald Trump or Clinton, but will, reluctantly

"I did get to that point. I felt like there's two people here. It's really not a nice thing, but which one is the less evil. That's how I am looking at it," Sheila Seidman of Plymouth Meeting, Pa. said.

As crowds gathered for Bill Clinton, a few miles away the Montgomery County GOP was working on its get out the vote efforts: mailings, phone calls, door knocks.

They are not concerned that the faithful will sit out the vote.

"I think the enthusiasm gap is bigger on the Democratic side than the Republican side. Just working here every day, I've seen a lot of people who are motivated by Trump and by other offices, as well," Josh Arnold, the Executive Director of the Montgomery County Republican Committee, said.

Pennsylvania is a battleground state and political experts say the suburbs of Philadelphia are key to this election.

The get out the vote talk will certainly continue.
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