Colwyn PD: No money to fill police cruisers with gas

COLWYN, Pa. (WPVI) -- Colwyn Police Department officials say their officers can't do their job because they don't have the money to put gas in their cruisers.

And it all stems from fallout after the firing of Colwyn Borough Manager Paula Brown.

Brown was voted out by borough council on Thursday night.

The borough manager of Colwyn, Pa. locked herself inside the borough hall after a vote on Thursday night to fire her.

On Friday she refused to leave office because she says she was protecting financial records

Now a new problem cropped up.

The account used by the Colwyn Police Department to fill up their vehicles has been suspended.

The borough manager is in charge of paying those bills and the company that supplies fuel is left wondering if they'll be paid.

Mayor Michael Blue says this is simply outrageous.

"The police vehicles are barely running on a limp leg. Now they don't have gas. How are they gonna patrol just in case we get an emergency call in Colwyn," said Mayor Blue.

In the interim, the police and fire departments will have to use their own money to fill up their vehicles.

Colwyn Borough Council will hold an emergency meeting about the situation on Monday night.
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