Corbett, Wolf make final run for votes

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Election Day is tomorrow. (WPVI)

It is Election Day tomorrow, and nationally, the big story is which party will end up controlling the senate.

Locally, the big race is the contest for governor of Pennsylvania.

Tom Corbett launched his final day of campaigning at a mini-rally in Chester County, a GOP stronghold. Stalwart Republican stars came to stand with him including Congressman Pat Meehan and Junior Senator Pat Toomey.

With the polls showing Corbett still running behind by double digits, he's now preaching to the choir, tying Tom Wolf to such favorite GOP hot button names like former Governor Ed Rendell.

"Has he told the people of Pennsylvania, has he told the editorial boards of Pennsylvania, how much he's going to tax? No. And why? Because he's hiding behind it cause he knows he's going to tax us back to the Rendell era of tax and spend," Corbett said.

Democrat Tom Wolf was in Lancaster Monday then veered west as he tries to generate maximum Democratic turnout in the other half of Pennsylvania.

Wolf was in Philadelphia Sunday going to churches and at a rally with President Barack Obama who came in to try to ignite the electorate in areas like Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs where he remains popular. Wolf needs a massive plurality coming out of Philadelphia to ensure victory Tuesday night.

"If we want this election to actually deliver on the promise of those three things - education, jobs, and fairness - guess what we have to do? That's right. Tuesday we have to vote," Wolf said.

Predictions are turnout will be low all across Pennsylvania.

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