Delegates feel Brotherly Love during Democratic National Convention

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- As they wrap up their four days at the Democratic National Convention, delegates from all over are offering rave reviews of their time in Philadelphia.

"We're just thrilled with our experience. We went to the city tavern, we traveled all over, we had dinner on a boat on the river so we just loved it. And everyone was so caring and nice to us," said Christine Bremer, Wisconsin delegate.

"It's been a wonderful city to be in. People have been so generous and kind. I've been particularly impressed with how comfortable and safe I felt. There's a large presence of police, of course, to keep us all safe, and they've been very kind and welcoming," said Michael Childers, Wisconsin delegate.


The city seems to have made a great impression on the thousands in town for the convention, who specialize in wearing funny hats and outfits on the floor.

And the delegates from New York, where they love to hate Philadelphia, the only complaint they could come up with was traffic.

"Just a lot of traffic, a lot of detours and things such as that created a mess getting from one location to another," said Karen Magee, New York delegate.

"Y'all could put some AC in the subway," said Kenny Oubre, South Carolina delegate.

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No one's blaming the heat and humidity on us, but Louisiana delegates wished some of the heat was in the food.

"I think it's been very welcoming. Of course we're from Louisiana so the food is really different, I can tell you that," said St. Rep. Patricia Smith, Louisiana delegate, jokingly adding she hasn't been eating much.

"You gotta remember we're from Louisiana so we like a little spice in our life so there's not enough kick for us, but we'll deal with it until we get home," said St. Rep. Denise Marcelle, Louisiana delegate.

"I tried about four different cheesesteaks spots. I went to Jim's, Max's Gino's and Pat's so I'm kind of stuffed on cheesesteaks, but you guys treated us great and you lived up to the Brotherly Love name," said Brent Page, California delegate.
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