Democratic lawmaker clarifies statement about Biden interaction

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WPVI) -- The Nevada lawmaker who said former Vice President Joe Biden touched her in an inappropriate way is clarifying her statement.

Democrat Lucy Flores said Biden touched her shoulders, smelled her hair, then kissed her head during a campaign rally in 2014.

Appearing on MSNBC Flores said, "For the record, I don't believe that it was a bad intention. I'm not in any way suggesting that I felt sexually assaulted or sexually harassed. I felt invaded. I felt there was a violation of my personal space."

Joe Biden on Monday forcefully rejected comparisons of his embrace of colleagues, friends and their families during swearing-in ceremonies as vice president and the 2014 allegation he says he can't recall involving a Democratic candidate in Nevada.

In a statement on Sunday, Biden said it was never his intention to make women feel discomfort and if he did so, "I will listen respectfully."

Biden's team likened associating images of Biden hugging or leaning in to speak to colleagues, friends and their family members to "smears" by "right wing trolls."

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Flores was "quite bold" to "go up against the highest levels of her political party" with the allegations and suggested that Biden should consider apologizing to Flores.

The Associated Press contributed to this report
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