Did Biden slip and say he's running for president at Delaware fundraiser?

DOVER, Del. -- Former Vice President Joe Biden might have let on that he's leaning toward running for the White House again.

Or it may just have been a slip of the tongue.

In a keynote speech at a Saturday dinner for the Delaware Democratic Party, Biden boasted that he has "the most progressive record of anybody running."

But Biden hasn't announced whether he is running again for president. He quickly corrected himself, saying "anybody who would run - I didn't mean it. Anybody who would run."

Cheers nearly drowned out his correction. Although Biden has been known to go off script, his remark is likely to be viewed as a Washington-style gaffe - a case of accidentally telling the truth.

Biden pushed Democratic policies and accused President Donald Trump of dividing the country.

Biden, 76, who served as President Barack Obama's closest adviser, is the only major contender still on the sidelines and has suggested he could remain there for several more weeks.
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