DNC $10 million short ahead of next month's convention

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Infrastructure work for the Democratic National Convention in July continues at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, and behind-the-scenes preparations are underway as well.

The Philadelphia Police Department is working with its state and federal partners to make sure this national security event goes off without incident.

"It's about keeping the officers safe, about keeping protesters safe, and it's about keeping attendants safe," said Lt. John Stanford.

A list of permit applications show roughly a dozen groups applied to organize a demonstration, with more than half for Bernie Sanders. At least one event has an expected 30,000 participants.

Police and other public safety agencies are getting $43 million in federal money to help with security.

But DNC chairman Ed Rendell says the event itself is getting no federal or city money and, less than two months out, the DNC is $10 million short of its $64 million budget.

One major reason: Donald Trump. Many large national companies, that normally contribute to both the DNC and the RNC, are keeping their money on the sidelines.

"To be non-partisan, they wouldn't contribute to us either. They don't want to contribute to one convention and not the other," Rendell said.

Rendell says he expects to close the shortfall.

For those companies that haven't contributed yet, Rendell says will get a phone call or see the former governor on their doormat.
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