DNC brings big business for some - others not so much

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Some businesses in Philadelphia aren't getting the big boost they were hoping for during the Democratic National Convention.

Delegates and visitors in town have been going to local restaurants, bars and hotels.

But some are doing better than others.


Last week Kevin Bieler's Reading Terminal bakery was gearing up for extra sales, but so far he says traffic and sales have been slower than normal.

"From our end, maybe 75 or 80 percent of a normal week so maybe 20-25 percent off," said Kevin Beiler, co-owner.

Around the corner at Dinic's, it's been an OK but not stellar week.

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"It's been a decent week. It's been definitely better than your average mid-summer week," said Samantha Keller, manager. "But it's not a 50,000-person convention kind of week."

At Chris's Jazz Club, the hope good food and live Jazz would attract late night delegates.

"They're enjoying the lunches. For the evenings, not that much yet," said Mark DeNinno, Chris's Jazz Club.

It has been a very good week for Bru on Chestnut. On Wednesday, they were preparing for a private event for millennials, and overall business has been way up.

"I'd have to guess this week will probably I mean maybe as much as 100 percent increase of what we would've done without the DNC being here," said Alex Bokulich, BRU.

As for cabs and car services, the DNC has been good, but gridlock a factor.

"Moving around is very tough, very difficult," said Ishola Lassissi, cab driver. "Somewhere you can go in like 5 minutes usually, takes you 20-30 minutes."

New this convention, car services like UBER. For driver Kangi Crews, it's been a lucrative nonstop couple of days.

"I start in King of Prussia, Valley Forge. You start up there in the morning because a lot of delegates don't have transportation to come down," said Kangi Crews, Uber driver.
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