DNC visitors coping with extreme heat, humidity

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The extreme heat has been taking its toll on people in town for the Democratic National Convention.

A march across the Ben Franklin Bridge Monday turned dicey for at least one protester who is here from Florida.

She was overcome by the excessive heat and taken via stretcher to an area hospital.

Across town the Salvation Army is working with the City of Philadelphia to help keep people safe in the intense heat and humidity.

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Workers are distributing water to the public and delivering water, ice and cold towels to first responders, including police who can't leave their posts.

There was even greater concern in FDR Park in South Philadelphia where thousands of protesters are expected to gather.

"It's hot," Larry Whitson told Action News. "I live in Puerto Rico and been in the South. This is as hot as I've ever been."

In the park, there is free water, first aid and misting tents.

The heat is expected to continue as the convention continues into the week. Experts say continuing to take precautions is vital.

"We originally started with 80 pallets of water, which is about 100,000 bottles," said Bob Myers of the Salvation Army. "And already we've gone through 25 to 30 percent in addition to what we started with internally."

Myers says there are contingency plans if more water is needed.

He said he is confident there will be enough available to meet the need.
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