First-time voters face-off about the candidates

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On Wednesday, one of our face-offs involved two first-time voters. They're both Central High School graduates. They both say the big issues for them this election are national security and education, but some of their views diverge from there.

Natan Yakov appreciates Hillary Clinton's experience and temperament. He says his vote is for her.

"I feel like with Hillary, she will take that time, she will take that patience without compromising anything," said Yakov.

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Elaine Chen won't reveal for whom she's voting, but says she appreciates Donald Trump's honesty.

"That's how he is. I know that's his personality, that's his character. He's not lying to me. Then again, it makes people feel confident that they're not voting wrong if they feel like that's his true personality," said Chen.

"He says literally whatever is on his mind, and that is very dangerous. The way he's conducting himself and sort of taking an attitude and perspective on many issues, its very absolutist and with politics you need to be flexible," said Yakov.


But Chen says another thing to which she credits Trump's controversial comments? More young people getting engaged in the political process.

"He spoke of immigration. People didn't think, young people like me, didn't think immigration was such a big issue, but as we see from what he says, I feel like other youngsters can see oh that's an issue," said Chen.

One other thing these first-time voters agree on? More of their peers need to get out and vote and see that politics impacts all of us, every day.

"Walk through your daily life. How do you get to school or work? Who's fixing that stop sign that fell down at the end of the street? Who's deciding how we spend money for schools?" said David Thornburgh, Committee of Seventy.

Another thing we faced off about Wednesday is the 'Bernie or Bust' movement, which includes Bernie Sanders supporters who are just not willing to give up the fight for the Bern. Hear what they had to say in the video below.

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We want you - our Action News viewers - to be a part of our DNC coverage.

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