Local delegates chat about unity, politics over breakfast

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Local delegates enjoyed a happy get together before the Democratic National Convention kicked into gear. (WPVI)

Local delegates enjoyed a happy get together before the Democratic National Convention kicked into gear.

One word we're hearing over and over today is unity.

Many of the speakers and the delegates for that matter spoke about the importance of the party coming together and finishing this week unified behind Hillary Clinton.

From Senator Cory Booker to Governor Tom Wolf, speakers took to the podium in Center City to address the Pennsylvania delegation over breakfast, the morning before the Democratic National Convention is set to begin.

"There's energy everywhere. I'm just excited and it's great to have it in Philly, too," delegate Diane Maseglia of Bucks County said.

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Over near the airport, New Jersey delegates also talked turkey over bacon and eggs.

On the forefront for many delegates, the state of the party.

There's still clear support for Bernie Sanders and anger over the leaked emails that suggest DNC officials supported Clinton's campaign over Sanders'.

So will that detract from a unified message?

"I think right now our main focus has to be defeating Donald Trump. Right now, I think there is a little split in party, but come together and figure out how we can elect a democrat to the White House," delegate Jacob Adeniran of Southwest Philadelphia said.

"Not voting or voting for a third party candidate is like voting for Donald Trump," former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell said.

Governor Wolf believes the differences are just part and parcel of this party and the democratic process.

"We're Democratic Party, we embrace difference. We had a very long and hard primary, that's what democracy is about then we go through that process and figure out where we can agree," Wolf said.

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Chair John Podesta says people will soon forget the email scandal, because they will be focused on the party's message.

"There are no Ted Cruz moments at this convention. There is no one standing up there and saying vote your conscience, they're saying vote for Hillary Clinton because the alternative is disastrous," Podesta said.

A lot of the delegates spoke about some of the issues, but they also had a sense of excitement for the week ahead.
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