Local members of Congress and the public react to Mueller report

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Residents in Philadelphia are reacting to the release of the highly anticipated 448-page Mueller report.

"I don't expect to read through it, it's too much but I think I'll see what both sides of the political spectrum has to say about it. I'll look at two different news sources and take what I can from that," said Jason Patarcity of Downingtown.

Aminata Konneh of Northeast Philadelphia said she will rely on summarized versions.

"I'm definitely going to watch the news, my mom has been really into it. If the news is going to provide info that's relevant to the people then I'll watch. But if it's fluff, I'm not going to take my time and put energy into it."

Two members of Congress also weighed in.

Action News caught up with Republican Brian Fitzpatrick, a former FBI agent, who represents the (PA-01). By mid-day he had not read the extensive report but planned to sit down with staffers and comb through it.

"We will need to answer the unanswered questions. Mr. Mueller, Mr. Barr I'm sure will be testifying before Congress. It's time Congress will be playing an oversight role," said Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick stressed this process cannot be politicized.

Democratic Congresswoman Madeleine Dean, who represents the fourth district, questioned the timing of the release ahead of the holiday weekend and the amount of cooperation between Barr and The White House.

"We learned the DOJ was communicating with the White House in advance of giving the report to Congress in advance of making it public. There's an awful lot of cooperation," said Dean.

Both members of Congress were interviewed mid-day Thursday and had not reviewed the report yet.
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