Mayor Jim Kenney proposes $5 billion spending plan

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney went to City Council on Thursday morning and unveiled his fiscal year 2020 budget and 5-year plan.

He says it will have significant new money for public schools, public safety and fixing city streets.

There are no new taxes proposed.

Kenney wants the police to hire 50 new officers and acquire more body-worn cameras. The idea is to have enough cameras for every police officer during the upcoming budget year.

He says in the next five years he proposes seven now-shuttered fire companies will re-open citywide.

The public schools in the next five years are to recieve $1.2 billion. Kenney told council members, "That's over $700 million more than would have gone to the district without the commitment we made last year."

Concerning streets he said, "The complaint I hear most often from our residents - and I am certain you hear it as well - is about the condition of our streets."

He is proposing a six-year capital plan to spend $200 million for the reconstruction and resurfacing streets. The goal is to have the streets department repave 131 miles of streets on an annual basis by FY 2023.

City Council Members will now take the Mayor's proposal and hold hearings on the plan.
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