Officials, voters react after Trump encourages foreign cyber attacks

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- At a news conference Wednesday in Miami, Florida, Donald Trump directed a request to the Russian Government, to hunt down missing Hillary Clinton emails.

Officials' reactions to Trump's remarks came swiftly.

"I think this just demonstrates Donald Trump doesn't understand the scale and scope of what he's playing with," said Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), a member of the Foreign Relations Committee. "He's urging a hostile, foreign power to conduct espionage, to break into the American email system of the Democratic Party's nominee to be president."

The leaked WikiLeaks emails exposed memos by Democratic National Committee staffers, scheming to sabotage Bernie Sander's campaign - all signs analysts say point to the Kremlin.


"They are 99.9 percent convinced it was the Russians and probably a Russian military intelligence unit," said Brian Ross, ABC News.

On the convention floor Wednesday night, there was anger from Clinton supporters.

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"Trump comes out today and says, 'Do it again, and this time to my political opponent's email, and send it to us,' " said Jim Savage of Chichester. "It's disqualifying."

"If the Russians hacked into a political party's account in a sovereign nation, that's getting very close to an act of war," said Lou Agre of Roxborough.

All signs are that WikiLeaks has information that could embarrass Hillary Clinton as this race grinds on.

"They know that many of the materials that were hacked, that they have, have yet to be made public," said Ross.
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