Pennsylvania delegation ready for historic Day 4 at DNC

Pennsylvania delegates to the Democratic National Convention are ready to watch history unfold Thursday night.

The excitement has been building throughout the week.

"It has been an unbelievable privilege to be part of history," said Kathy Boockvar of Doylestown, Pa.


The delegation once again met over bacon and eggs Thursday morning.

It is the last day of the DNC, and they were looking forward to being there as Hillary Clinton formally accepts her party's nomination at the Wells Fargo Center.

"I'm really excited for tonight," said Pat Boyle of Warminster, Pa. "It's going to be the first woman presidential nominee in a major party, and that's a piece of history we will be taking part of."

And yet Boyle was not alone in wishing a different candidate were up there. Bernie Sanders supporters say his message does not stop here.

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"We have to keep the revolution going," said Anna Payne of Levittown, Pa. "I don't think it should end just because Bernie Sanders is not the presidential nominee. In order to do that, the people who supported him have to stay involved to keep his message alive."

U.S. Senate candidate Katie McGinty addressed the delegation Thursday morning. She is getting a prime speaking slot Thursday night.

With thousands watching at the Wells Fargo Center and millions watching at home, McGinty plans to focus on the needs of the working family.

"When we pull together, nobody beats America," McGinty told the delegates. "When we give people a chance, give people a decent wage, we can out-compete anybody else in the world."

Many delegates said they were looking forward to hearing from Clinton herself. But they plan to have a lot of fun along the way, including attending the Camden Rising concert Thursday afternoon.

"It's great energy," said Bill Cole of Erie, Pa., "and I hope to have a great time." Cole added he was hoping he might see Lady Gaga in person.
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