Philly D.A. wants to reform how office approaches parole and probation

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia District Attorney Krasner wants to reform how his office approaches parole and probation.

Krasner says the state's parole and probation laws require people who are released from prison to be supervised for too long.

And he says probation officers are burdened with overwhelming caseloads.

"How are they really to go to the homes of those most in need of supervision? How are they really to pay close attention to people who have committed serious and violent crimes in the way that we need in order to be safe for society when what they're really doing is opening and closing files and pushing paper, and monitoring people for very long periods of time," said Krasner?

He says the city of Philadelphia has nearly 40,000 people under supervision on probation or parole.
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