Philly zoning board head resigns after raids

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The man picked by Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney to head up the zoning board has resigned. (WPVI)

The man picked by Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney to head up the zoning board has resigned.

This comes three weeks after James Moylan's home and officer were raided by the FBI, and records seized, as part of a wide-ranging investigation into the Electrical Worker's Union and its powerful boss, John Dougherty.

After a meeting with Mayor Kenney on Wednesday, Moylan abruptly resigned his position on the zoning board.

"He recognized the distraction associated with this investigation, that we don't know what it's about, and we can't talk about it, no one can talk about it, it will distract from the work of the board every day that is very important," Kenney said.

Dougherty, widely known as 'Johnnie Doc,' has been pursued by the FBI for years, but has never faced any charges.

Sources confirm this probe for possible corrupt use of union funds is widespread and focuses on Dougherty.

Multiple raids have been carried out, including at the city hall office and home of city council majority leader Bobby Henon. He is a longtime Dougherty ally who remains on the union pay roll.

Moylan's sudden resignation was the buzz of city hall on Thursday, but no one claimed to know any specifics.

"I haven't been in attendance of the zoning board in about 10 years. This is not a place where I go. The reality is that it is an appointed official," said council president Darrell Clark.

Moylan is known to be a close friend of Dougherty. Legal experts are watching this case very closely.

"They're not going to put that kind of effort into an investigation on the off chance that they're going to find something. It appears to me they know exactly where to look and what they're looking for," said veteran lawyer Lloyd George Parry.

There has been no indication that anyone has been charged.
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