Reading Terminal Market: Microcosm of post-election America

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Action News was at the Reading Terminal Market Wednesday to talk to people from Philadelphia and all across the country about the election.

We got a mix of reaction to the results.

But whatever side they were on, whichever candidate they preferred, everyone we spoke with agreed the result was shocking.

"Oh, I am terrified. It feels like the end of the world to me," Peter Williams of Vancouver, Washington said.

"I am so excited. What an amazing win for Donald Trump!" Doug Giles of Dalton, Georgia said.

At Reading Terminal, we found a divided nation remains divided in their opinions over the winner and the reality that Donald J. Trump is the next president of the United States.

"I am very shocked and devastated over the election," Diane Godette-Hyman of the Logan section of Philadelphia said.

"Oh my God, I am on cloud nine. This is terrific. The Cubs won last week, and Trump won today. What's next?" Armeda Reitzel of McKinleyville, California said.

We asked people how they thought Trump was able to defy the polls and the predictions.

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The how the polls and media were shocked.

"I think there were a lot of Donald Trump supporters that didn't want to advise people that they were voting for him. And they came out and voted on Election Day," Dorenda Bell of Mt. Airy said.

Some of the Trump supporters we spoke with told us they knew their choice was unpopular, so they told no one how they were voting.

"I don't think the people of this country realized the groundswell behind what was happening. The average American out there is so tired of Washington, so tired of the bureaucracy," Giles said.

"I think the media was pushing Hillary Clinton, and the Republicans all got out there at the end of the day," Richard Dwiss of Dallas, Texas said.

They also agreed this is a nation in need of some serious healing.

"I have a lot of faith in the United States, and I think we can pull together, I really do," Reitzel said.

"(We need to) just try and figure out how we can better treat everyone like Americans and move forward," Anders Moreno of Greer, South Carolina said.
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