Security in Philly tightens up ahead of DNC

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA -- In light of recent mass shootings and terrorist attacks, police in Philadelphia are spending these final days before the Democratic National Convention firming up their security plan.

Those plans include managing the protesters who are expected to attend. Many of them will gather in FDR Park, where fencing is already in place.

Security is already tightening around Philadelphia. A heavy police presence is visible at City Hall and at Thomas Paine Plaza.

While thousands are expected to protest, officials believe problems will be minimal.

"The first amendment is the first amendment because it came first, and this is a city that celebrates that, and we are going to keep everyone happy everyone safe and have a good time," said Mayor Jim Kenney.

"The biggest thing I worry about in any of these types of events is the one wolf, the individual who wants to make a statement and flies below the radar screen," said security expert and former undersecretary for Homeland Security Jack Tomarchi.

Police say there are no known threats to the convention. Tomarchio says upwards of a 100 law enforcement agencies have been planning for the event.

They plan for the worst, even creating teams to think like an attacker.

He calls the national security event a massive coordination.

"It's a full court press, and it's going to be a full court press until the last delegate or presidential nominee leaves town and this thing is shut down," Tomarchio said.

As always, officials say your help is crucial, and ask that if you 'see something, say something.'