VP candidate Kaine in Pa.: 'Not going to lose this one'

BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine spent Wednesday campaigning in our area.

The day began with a stop at the Hispanic Center-Lehigh Valley in Bethlehem.

Then, it was on to what was billed as an organizing event and rally at the Hanover Township Community Center.

Approximately 200 people gathered to hear him hammer away at Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Kaine says Trump is not being honest or transparent about several issues, especially about his tax returns, which the GOP hopeful said he would release back in 2014.

"But now that he is running, now that he is the nominee, he's not giving us his tax returns. He thinks he can pull the wool over our eyes and make us forget what he promised," said Kaine.

Kaine inferred that those tax returns might reveal Trump's foreign ties, particularly ties to Russia.

"We are entitled to get the information and get to the bottom of this cozy bromance between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin," Kaine said.

This was the third day of campaign stops for Kaine in Pennsylvania. Senator Bob Casey says it's a real example of just how important the Keystone State, and especially southeastern Pennsylvania, is to both campaign.

"Now southeastern Pennsylvania, the region, is critical. And that's from Philadelphia, through the suburbs and here in the Lehigh Valley. I think it'll be the most critical part of the state," said Casey.

The Trump campaign released a statement specific to Kaine's campaign efforts in Pennsylvania.

It reads in part, "Do Pennsylvanians want open borders, amnesty and the same old Washington politicians running the White House or do we want to elect a proven business leader who will eliminate sanctuary cities, enforce our federal immigration laws and bring back jobs?"

Kaine admits Pennsylvania will be tough to win, but he remains optimistic.

"I'm here to tell you something: I've run eight races and I've won eight races, and I ain't gonna lose this one. "I'm not going to lose this one," said Kaine.